Our selection of the 10 best gifts from Paris in 2023

Looking for the perfect gift from Paris to bring back for your loved ones, friends or family? Asking yourself what to buy in Paris ?

We know that finding a quality souvenir is easier with the right piece of advice. So we have selected for you the top-10 best gifts from Paris.

You will find on this page the cream of the crop of Parisian souvenirs with notably the very appreciated Parisian monuments: the miniature Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame or the Sacré-coeur of Montmartre.

At the end of this article you will also find where to buy gifts in Paris with our selection of the best gift shops.

Our visitors also appreciate the mugs, key chains, snow globes, coasters and of course the traditional tee-shirts.

Paris gifts that everyone loves

Mug from Paris

A mug is a nice and practical gift that everyone is happy to have every morning when drinking coffee.

Discover our mugs and cups displaying the great monuments of the capital: Notre-Dame, the Alexandre III bridge, Montmartre or the Moulin Rouge.

mug gift from paris

> See all our mugs


Coasters are practical, inexpensive and always appreciated by family and friends. We offer all kinds of coasters. Discover Parisian monuments, paintings of famous artists like Monet or Van Gogh or old times drawings.


coasters paris souvenir


> See our coasters

Inexpensive Paris gift ideas

If you don't want to spend all your money on gifts, we've got just what you need : ideas of cheap but good quality gifts from Paris. It is what you need to please your friends or relatives without emptying your savings accounts.

Paris key rings

If you want your loved ones to always have your souvenir on them, the Paris key ring is THE perfect solution. Pretty and discreet, with a wide choice of models, they are easy to love. Have a few of them delivered to your home for the whole family. Gift delivery in Paris and everywhere else in the world.

paris key rings gift
> Paris key rings

Eiffel tower keychains

Even more iconic than the Paris keychain is the Eiffel Tower keychain. A great gift idea from Paris. Carry the great lady in your pocket thanks to its small size and light weight. You can even personalize it with your initials or those of your friends.

eiffel tower keychain
> Eiffel tower keychain

Parisian gifts for kids

If you want your kids or your friends' kids to love you when you come back from your holidays in the city of lights, you better have a Parisian gift for them!

Paris snow globe

Ah the Paris snow globe, all French kids played with it when they were kids. It's a nice Parisian gift for a little boy or girl who will marvel at both the famous monuments but also, of course, at the winter snow.

Paris snow globe
> See our Paris snow globes

Paris tee-shirts

Another classic gift is of course the Paris t-shirt. You will find different models in the store we selected for you, the Atelier parigot which provides original t-shirts valuing the rebel spirit of the capital. 😁


Classy Paris gift

After all, when you are in the capital city of chic, everyone expects you to bring back home a typically Parisian and elegant gift that will make everyone want to discover the city of light.

Miniature Eiffel Tower

For elegance, what's better than the miniature Eiffel Tower? This is obviously one of our bestsellers that everyone is proud to have in their bedroom or living room. Made of high quality, lightweight Zamac metal, this beautiful souvenir will be perfect for you or your friends.

eiffel tower miniature
> See all our miniature Eiffel tower

Miniature Arc de Triomphe

You're looking for a different monument? You prefer Napoleon to Eiffel? The miniature Arc de Triomphe is an excellent alternative that will proudly stand on a desk at home. It's hard to buy a more typical Parisian gift.

miniature Arc de triomphe
> See our miniature Arc de triomphe

Professional ? Find what you're looking for with all our other gifts from Paris

Want more? If you haven't found the perfect gift in our selection, discover all our catalog of souvenir gifts. 


paris souvenirs online


Where to buy gifts in Paris ? Our top-15 souvenir shops.

If you're still in the city of love and are looking for the best gifts to bring back home from Paris, read our review of the top-15 best souvenir shops in Paris.

You'll find art stores, a monastic craft store or gourmet stores to treat yourself on your way home.

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